What we can offer You & Your Company

Web Design & Development

FraserJilani is a team of talented designers and developers who are experts in their field of work, whether it's designing frontend user interfaces or coding backend frameworks for a systems. We ensure every project balances form, function and the latest technologies in such a way that we can provide the best results to your target audience.

Custom Solutions

We design and build websites, applications and solutions of all shapes and sizes because we understand that the best solution to a clients requirements is one tailored to meet them. This means that whether you're a blogger, corporate company or start-up business we have the perfect solution to your needs.

Semantic Coding

We code valid and standards compliant pages in HTML5 and CSS3 that maintain a consistent structure across all web browsers. We even offer an advanced service that will make your website function well on browsers up to 10 years old.

Keeping you Involved

We make sure that you have full control over the design and functionality of your website. We give you the ability to stay involved at each step of the process, whether it's designing mockups, brainstorming features, functionality or deciding the color scheme.


Security is a vital aspect in every system that needs to be taken into account at every step of development. We have worked with clients that have had compromised systems and code injected into their pre-existing websites. With this experience we have learnt to code our own applications in a secure fashion that ensures a high level of protection from hackers.

Leading the way

Web technologies are rapidly evolving, allowing people to create advanced and immersive websites and applications. We make sure that we stay current with the latest announced and unannounced standards and we use them where possible, with neatly coded fallbacks so your website looks and works great for all your users.


A unique, eye-catching logo and brand identity is fundamental to the success of any company. An elegant website leaves little impression on its users if it is not accompanied by a recognizable logo which is used consistently across all marketing and promotional materials. Therefore we work with our clients to ensure that all of their marketing and promotional materials are consistent across web and print as we believe both media are important channels of marketing for most modern industries.


We offer an exclusive service to our clients. Our service does not involve the standard sign up process that many generic webhosting companies use. Our clients consist of businesses and individuals looking for a personal level of care in their hosting solution. We will host sites of any size in locations all over the world and our dedicated support ensures that your websites stay live and secure.

Superb Hardware

We use the best hardware available for our hosting solutions. Our servers can be set up to deliver 10+ Gigahertz of processing power with up to 36GB of ram. You can also choose to be hosted on Solid State Drives that offer Read/Write speeds of up to 400MB/s.


Our servers are ready to handle the most demanding websites and applications; however we understand that most clients will not require this when starting up. That's why we offer a solution that is easily scalable. Unlike a dedicated server, you will only pay for what you need and as your requirements grow you can easily add more processing power, ram and hard drive capacity. Within minutes your server will be more powerful and ready to fulfill your needs.


We ensure that our servers are always up to date with the latest kernel updates and other OS patches and due to our exclusive and completely managed hosting solution we keep all apps installed on our clients' servers up to date as well. Additionally, we have support engineers that customize and harden all severs. This allows us to deliver highly secure hosting solutions.


Having your website go down during a high traffic time can be disastrous to any business. We take a lot of steps in ensuring your website stays online. You can choose from a selection of methods or rely on the standard solutions we offer. Whether it be failover servers located in different datacenters or a redundant backup solution. We can deliver whatever you need to keep your websites and their content live.

Speed & CDN

A fast server improves the user experience for your website or application. To achieve faster speeds for end users we offer plenty of different methods to our clients. You can choose from our different locations to deploy your website. We offer hosting at London, Tokyo, New York, Washington & Amsterdam. Additionally we offer a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service that mirrors your content on multiple servers located across the globe. This service makes websites load with lightning fast speeds.

Email Hosting

We offer an email solution that works on the IMAP protocol which means that you can access your emails from all the popular mobile devices like, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phones, Windows Phones and more. Your email will always be in sync and maintain the same folder structure across all devices. We offer unlimited email addresses to be hosted on our servers and clients will only pay for the space they use when storing the emails.