Media Streaming Site built on Wordpress


“a website to see all the movies you want”

Moviezet - Screen Shot
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Project Features
  • Custom Design
  • Image Sliders
Project Technologies
  • Built on Wordpress
  • Dynamic Features with PHP
  • 100% Valid HTML
  • Fancy stuff with jQuery
  • Styled with CSS3

Moviezet is a custom Movie and TV show streaming website. We were provided with some links to competitor websites and were asked to design and develop something that is visually superior and easier to use.

Our designers came up with an over the top design that offered a lot of information about the TV Shows and Movies on display while keeping clutter to a minimum. The design kept all of the functionality driven features of the website in plain sight of the user for ease of access.

We chose WordPress as a base for this project because of our vast knowledge and experience with that platform. We coded a lot of custom features right into WordPress so adding the content remained easy for the client. Especially for a website of this sort where a lot of content would need to be added we had to make it as easy and fast as possible. We also coded up a great Ajax based TV show search.

All content is added and managed by the website’s owners and is their responsibility. FraserJilani has no affiliation with Moviezet nor any other copyright holders of the content present on