Everything Is Eventual

A wordpress based movie review website

Everything is Eventual

great movie reviews

A website for Khaled Al-Athel to post his Movie reviews. Mostly indie movies with some mainstream as well.

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Project Features
  • Image & Video Sliders
  • Custom Design
  • Slick Interactive Image Galleries
Project Technologies
  • 100% Valid HTML
  • Styled with CSS3
  • Fancy stuff with jQuery
  • Dynamic Features with PHP
  • Built on Wordpress

We were hired by Khaled to develop a website for him to publish his Movie reviews. He had wanted to create it for a couple of years but was waiting to find people that were capable of converting what he envisioned into a fully-functioning website.

We got down all of his requirements and worked together brainstorming everything from how the website would look to how it would function. After we got all of the requirements down we finalized them and began on the design. After sending the initial mockups of the design to Khaled we received very positive and enthusiastic feedback and were told to proceed to coding right away without requiring having to do amendments to the design.

The website features sliders for every post that scroll through large screenshots and trailers of the movie it is meant to give the visitor an idea as to what the movie is about. It features jQuery based lightbox and another slider on the post page that holds all of the screenshots in place for easy browsing. All in all Khaled was very pleased with how the website turned out and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

I wanted to have my own website for quite sometime but didn’t want to pay someone to do a generic template for me. Since I’m not an expert in web design, I wanted someone who would transform the ideas in my mind into reality with a touch of their own personal creativity, I found all that with FraserJilani. Not only did they do everything I wanted but they also added more features and you could feel their excitement while working on the project. I’m very happy with the work they did and I started recommending them to everyone I know since then.

Professor. Khaled Al-Athel – everythingiseventual.com