Best You Never Had

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Best You Never Had

“is designed to present the lifestyle and expression of an ever-changing diverse society”

Best You Never Had - Screen Shot
Project Features
  • Image Sliders
  • Slick Interactive Image Galleries
  • Fully Customizable Menus
Project Technologies
  • 100% Valid HTML
  • Styled with CSS3
  • Fancy stuff with jQuery
  • Dynamic Features with PHP
  • Built on Wordpress

Matteo Scaglione is a designer and a blogger based in Italy. His blog is about fashion, culture and the latest trends and therefore it had to reflect great design while keeping up with the latest trends in interactivity.

We were provided the designs by Matteo and were hired to code them up to pixel perfect detail. We used CSS3 liberally when coding and used JavaScript as fallback. Almost all of the website’s elements are responsive when a visitor moves their mouse over them. The navigation is using CSS3 Transitions and we’ve added a JavaScript lightbox for loading larger versions of images used in blog posts.

Total development time took 15 days and Matteo was happy with the end result.